Strategy Desk Cookie Policy

Cookies, Pixels and other usage tracking mechanisms (“Strategy Desk” or “SD”), Strategy Desk's partners, affiliates and third parties use a number of different approaches to provide a great, fast, personalised and secure service to our visitors and users.

This Policy governs our use of any such mechanisms and explains how we use such data and how any such usage may impact your experience in using Strategy Desk or related services.

Strategy Desk reserves the right to use cookies, pixels, local storage and other tracking, monitoring and client-side data storage or processing solutions in order to provide the aforementioned services. You are able to block the use of cookies through your browser, however choosing to do so may limit your ability to use Strategy Desk and render some of our services inaccessible. Please consult the manual for your device or internet browser for full details on how to do this.

What we will use data in cookies, pixels or other aforementioned solutions for


We use these tools to provide safety and security in your usage of the Strategy Desk services. Cookies enable us to ensure only registered users are able to log into the Websites and that only you are able to access you account. Cookies also enable us to monitor your account and detect any unusual or suspicious activity.


These mechanisms enable you to log into your account and use services not otherwise publicly accessible. They also enable you to use our affiliates and partners effectively within the framework of the Strategy Desk Websites or externally if you choose to use such services internally or with third parties.


Our use of cookies and pixels enables us to provide advertising tailored and relevant to you on our Websites. This includes personalised advertising by ourselves or our partners as well as ensuring we oblige with our legal and regulatory obligations in only providing appropriate advertising for your profile. Please note that Strategy Desk is not responsible for any third party advertising and its compliance with any legal, regulatory or personal constraints. You use of Strategy Desk services means that you agree that any advertising served or provided by a third party is done on the applicable Terms and with respect to applicable policies provided by the third party. Strategy Desk will not be held accountable or responsible for any issues that third party advertising may raise.


Cookies enable us to provide data, information and website material in a way optimised to your profile or your choices – for example we may prioritise content relevant to an upcoming trip that you are undertaking, content based on your recent usage or content in a language chosen by you if available.


We may use information in any of the above mechanisms and technologies to perform analytics of our users' behaviour and use of our Websites. This analytics may help us improve our services, monitor and optimise our Websites and provide insight into past, current and future trends. We may share any such analysis with our partners on a non-commercial or a commercial basis. Any such use of your information will only be done on an aggregated anonymised basis such that no third party will be able to match any individual user or person to any of the data that we provide.

Technologies used.

The specific names and types of cookies, pixels and other technologies used for the above purposes may change from time to time and the specific mechanisms and tools used may also change without prior warning. We advise you to regularly review this policy to ensure that you are up to date with what data we collect from such methods and what this data can be used for. We will endeavour to make you aware of any major changes to this policy if we are able to do so (for example if you are a registered user).

End of the Policy